God & Hamilton: The Book

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know about the broadway play Hamilton. It’s developed an enormous following. I didn’t really know all the spiritual implications of Hamilton’s life though until I read Kevin’s book. My appreciation grew for the musical, but mostly for Hamilton. What a great read!
— Ron Edmondson, Pastor and Author of "The Mythical Leader"

Alexander Hamilton’s transformation from forgotten Founding Father to cultural icon occurred with breathtaking speed. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s unprecedented musical, Hamilton, has captured our culture’s collective heart and mind. Why has this musical struck such a resounding chord with audiences across our country?

God and Hamilton suggests that the spiritual nature of Hamilton's story plays a significant role. This musical impacts people so deeply because it creates a transcendent experience. Throughout the book, author Kevin Cloud explores the spiritual themes at the center of Hamilton, and suggests this story holds the potential to transform our lives.


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In this book Kevin portrays a wonderful example of how you can draw from contemporary culture to understand how God works with us on our own heroic journeys.

I found his emphasis on Gods grace and faithfulness particularly inspiring and think that all who read it will come away with a better understanding of the challenges we all face.

I can not recommend it more highly!
— Mike Breen, Founder of 3DM and Author of Building a Discipling Culture, Covenant and Kingdom, and Family on Mission.