Discover the Spiritual Truths From the Smash Broadway Hit, Hamilton, That Will Transform Your Life.


Hamilton - the hip-hop musical about a forgotten Founding Father - is the most compelling musical of our time. But if you watch it without understanding Alexander Hamilton's spirituality, you only get half the story. Kevin Cloud asserts that Hamilton is a modern-day parable that will: 

  • Lead you into a deeper understanding of God's grace

  • Help you battle guilt and shame

  • Challenge you to forgive

  • Inspire your faith

  • Engage you in the struggle for human equality

Cloud impressively weaves together insights from the musical itself, the lives of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton, and the story of Scripture into a tapestry that challenges people of faith to reexamine their lives.


God and Hamilton turned me inside out and revealed a side of Hamilton I had never thought to explore.
— Lauren Boyd, Hamilton Broadway Cast
How did Alexander Hamilton overcome a tragic and shame-filled childhood? Kevin Cloud celebrates the amazing grace that propelled Hamilton to become a key architect for our fledgling democracy. For all who struggle with doubt, depression, and despair, God and Hamilton offers an inspiring way forward. Kevin Cloud’s book made my heart sing!
— Craig Detweiler, President, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology
A wonderful example of how you can draw from contemporary culture to understand how God works....I cannot recommend it more highly!
— Mike Breen, Founder of 3DM and Author of Building a Discipling Culture, Covenant and Kingdom, and Family on Mission.
Hark! hark! a voice from yonder sky,
Methinks I hear my Saviour cry,
Come gentle spirit come away,
Come to thy Lord without delay;
— Alexander Hamilton